solar panel Cleaning

We use the proper equipment and techniques to ensure we are handling your panels with absolute care. 


Is solar panel cleaning and maintenance necessary? 


YES! Dirty arrays can lose up to 30% of their annual production if not maintained. Dirt, dust and even algae can build up on the surface of the glass, which will cause less energy production. Rain can help rinse them off but here in California it’s not enough against 


  • Wild fires

  • Seasonal winds 

  • Poor air quality 

  • Gardening Maintenance (leaf blowers) 

  • Construction debris 

and (unfortunately) more! 


Here at West Windows we know that reaching your panels can be a little dangerous. Let us take on this task so you are maximizing your every dollar. 


We offer one time cleaning, or quarterly maintenance plans to help keep your system running at peak production all year long.